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Practical Politics by Titus Alexander

Ruth Spellman, Chief Executive, Workers Educational Association

Whilst many of us are not pioneers we all of us have a stake in making government and public institutions work for us. This book is a must for those who know politics is far too important to be left to someone else and who want to get involved.

Professor Hugh Starkey, UCL Institute of Education, London

There is some tremendously challenging and useful material here.

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Dr Joanie Willett, Lecturer in Environmental Politics, Environment and Sustainability Institute, Exeter University

This is a great intro and overview to a very complex set of questions that we start looking at in Year 1, and develop throughout our university curriculum, nicely explained with contemporary examples. I’d definitely order copies for the library and recommend to my colleagues that teach both Year 1 British Politics, Politics of Protest and global politics.

Dr Harold Goodwin, Professor of Responsible Tourism, Manchester Metropolitan University

Every head of department and leader in higher education should read this timely book. Universities have a growing responsibility for educating future generations to understand and solve the world’s problems. We need to be developing graduates who can effectively engage in public debate and policy making to effect change and achieve sustainable development. This ground-breaking book shows why and how everyone needs political skills in order to be active citizens contributing to building a secure future. One day all education will include democratic politics. Practical Politics: lessons in power and democracy is a good place to start.

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Dr. Brenton Prosser, Australian National University

If knowledge is power, then pedagogy must be a major part of politics. In a clear and accessible way, this book lays open the pedagogy of making public statements, uncovering common interests and learning how to act politically. It is not only a stimulating read full of real-world examples for students of education and politics, it is an invaluable resource for anyone dedicated to strengthening our democracy.

Professor Ian Davies, University of York.

Practical Politics is passionately written, provocative and will be persuasive (to some).

Cordelia Bryan, Senior Fellow HEA, Higher Education Consultant

This book would add richness to many higher education programmes, particularly Post Graduate Diplomas and Certificates. I can certainly use the pedagogy of power as part of my curriculum development module on an MA in Academic Practice.

Ed Mayo, Secretary General, Co-operatives UK

Titus Alexander shows the diversity of politics in practice, from family relationships to global governance. Education in political skills is as important as business education, which has informed the cooperative movement from the start. Practical political education at all levels would strengthen democracy and improve society for all.

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Professor Bill Lucas, Co-Director, Centre for Real-World Learning, University of Winchester

Understanding the complexities of political intelligence is important but opportunities are often lacking in education. It's refreshing to have such a sweeping overview of what it is and why educators should take it seriously.

Professor Alan Tuckett, University of Wolverhampton, Emeritus Director of NIACE, National Institute for Adult and Continuing Education

This book makes a compelling case for enabling citizens to learn how to do politics. Titus Alexander draws on his extensive experience of working with local communities and campaigning for family learning, accountability in global governance and other issues to make the world a better place, as well as an impressive breadth of reading. Educators everywhere will find inspiration and information to create education for democracy.

Professor Katarina Popovic, Secretary General, International Council for Adult Education (ICAE), Serbian Adult Education Society and University of Belgrade in Serbia

Education for democracy and peace are a special responsibility for global adult education. This book encourages educators everywhere to think critically about how they can help people learn political skills to act as global citizens and solve problems of poverty, war and unsustainable growth. Everyone has a right to education throughout their lives, which is about the liberation of the human spirit and learning to live together as much as basic skills.

Jonathan Dearth, Director, The Right Ethos, Recruitment for Communications, Public Affairs, Campaigns, Policy PR, Press & Media|Programme Management

The Right Ethos was founded in 2007 in response to the surge in demand in the not-for-profit sector for campaigners. Over the last 9 years, the campaigning sector has expanded rapidly. There are over 4,000 people employed in campaigning and related roles now in the UK and tens of thousands of individuals who take part in campaigning activities on a regular basis. Therefore, education in practical politics, as advocated by this book, will give campaigners a solid grounding. There is growing demand for political skills across all sectors, so learning practical politics will improve people’s job prospects and go towards meeting the increasing demand for campaigning skills.

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Professor Marjorie Mayo, Goldsmiths University of London

This book addresses such an important issue here, with practical tools to promote learning for active citizenship. Such learning is central to the development of wider agendas for social justice and social transformation.

Robin Richardson, Insted Educational Consultancy

This book is going to be very useful. I admire the clarity with which it is written, and the many suggestions of resources for further reading and study.

Dr. Jane Bluestein, Author, The Win-Win Classroom and Creating Emotionally Safe Schools

Practical Politics is a worthy successor to John Dewey's Democracy and Education, and comes at a critically important time in our history. With passion and practicality, Titus Alexander shows how education can build foundations for democracy today. I would recommend this book to every school board and teacher at every level of education, as well as to parents, to better and more clearly inspire young people to take part in the democratic life of our country.

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